Bridgett Parris, MBA

Shifting gears to lead through the chaos in starting new ventures or leading cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives isn’t what you find in most financial executives. But this connotes the strength of Ms. Bridgett Parris. After operating a successful financial firm for more than 16years, she launched and established one of the leading not-for-profit organizations in Florida advancing the cause for women impacted by gynecologic cancers.

Ms. Bridgett Parris is the Founder & President of Kindah Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Ms. Parris is philanthropy driven and very passionate about eradicating and breaking the silence on gynecologic cancer, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and the stigma that surrounds Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  Ms. Parris is also a Life, Health & Wellness Coach, Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, and a strong advocate for women’s rights and healthcare equity.  She is determined to ensure the marginalized in society have the same access to health care equity, a necessity Ms. Parris believes should be available to all, and that Gynecologic Cancers, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is treated as a public priority.

Ms. Parris is a graduate from the University of Houston-Victoria with a B.A. in Business Administration & Healthcare Management and an MBA in Management. Ms. Parris is differentiated by an uncommon complement of healthcare management expertise combined with strong business acumen and financial management, allowing her to view issues with a wide lens then narrow down to connect the dots, identify business drivers, understand complex issues take action, and drive results.

Ms. Parris also volunteered at several other nonprofit organizations; she is a celebrated member of the community. Ms. Parris is a recipient of numerous accolades for her impressive leadership and work in the community and abroad. She is a wonderful mother and a blessed grandmother. Those who know her admire her strength, relentless warrior, and resilient survivor spirit.

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise. ~ W.E.B. Dubois

Help Us Help More Women

    No female should go through gynecologic cancer alone. You can make a difference!


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Michel Gaber

Michel Gaber, MBA is a seasoned finance executive with a broad experience in Finance and Accounting in several industries including not- for-profits, education, services, banking and manufacturing in public and private companies. 

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Marilyn Byrd

Ms. Byrd is a Senior Accountant with more than 41 years of experience and a breadth of expertise in diverse industries ranging from government to private entities. She has a unique background combining traditional accounting functions, system design and implementation, business entrepreneurship, and private sector experience. With a BS in Business Administration & Accounting, Ms. Byrd is well-versed in demonstrated management best practices and is a natural leader who has been repeatedly tapped in the workplace for commercial and operational leadership of key strategic initiatives.

Ms. Byrd started her career and journey towards success in 1973, where she served as a Supervisor of Customer Accounting at the General Telephone and Electronics Corporation Company. During her seven years with the company, Ms. Byrd-Holmes held the positions of Financial Analyst / Consolidation Accountant and Associate Internal Auditor.

After her tenure with General Telephone and Electronics Corporation Company, Ms. Byrd-Holmes went on to serve another thirty-four years with Johnson Controls World Services Inc. / Pan Am World Services Inc., a company that she continues to serve. Since joining the company in 1980, She has held the positions of Senior Project Accountant, Senior Auditor, Administrator of Government Audit Liaison, Manager Government Compliance, and Audits, where she has positively contributed to the success of the company.

She has been instrumental in developing several manuals that have assisted various organizations to improve their efficiency. One such manual is the redesigning and revisioning of the consolidated reporting packages, Contract Closeout Procedures manual, and her publication of the Unallowable Costs handbook. Besides, she has never failed to highlight areas that need to be strengthened for better internal control while providing a continuous revision of policies and practices.

Ms. Byrd continues to grow from strength to strength as she positively contributes to any organization that she becomes a part of.

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Fan’aye SunLight

Fan’aye SunLight is our Digital Angel who is responsible for the organization website maintenance. Fan’aye SunLight performs a variety web development duties supporting the organization’s operations under the direction of the Board.  Maintains archives of web materials, changes and updates to ensure compliance requirements are met.  Acts as a technical resource to troubleshoot escalated issues for the organization with regard to any area of the website and CMS.  Fan’aye consults other web developers when necessary to ensure all code is carefully documented and structured following common commenting procedures.

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B.K. Byrd

Mr. Byrd helps coordinates fundraising, event registration, invitation, managing event processes, participant lists on appropriate CRM technology. Working closely with the Development Coordinator and external Special Events Coordinator. Other related duties as required.

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Susan Beetz, EA

Susan is an exceptional Professional Accountant proficient in the tax & accounting field for more than 20 years. Remaining current as an EA, Susan loves the ever changing field of taxation. She is married with 3 children and enjoys reading, sewing, and spending quality time with her family. 

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TJ Clinch

Mr. Clinch works as Volunteer Coordinator to assist in the recruiting, screening, interviewing and training new volunteers. 

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