survivorsSurvivors Cysters Retreat is like a home away from home, an healthy living retreat for women gynecologic survivors and fighters. Within this tight-knit community for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), survivors and fighters create unity, share stories, laugh, love and share the bond of sisterhood.

Attend lectures and hands-on workshops to learn the latest on women’s wellness, then head outdoors for a hike or sail, or simply kick back with a glass of wine. This is a sponsor program and only those selected will take part and must meet the requirement.   Helping Broken Hearts to Heal. 

Everything in the Universe is energy. In the training you learn to heal yourself and others. Nature is an affordable medicine.

LOVE THEY SELF, HEAL THY SELF AND BUILD THY SELF. When you find inner peace, you move the world toward peace.

Our approach to health always considers more than just the physical and we always approach health holistically: we cannot heal the part without looking at the whole. While there are many disciplines and modalities in holistic medicine, we’ve focused on the tried and true that have supported generations for centuries: acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic, nutrition and meditation. All modalities focus on a common belief and approach: To remove any and all barriers that keep the body from taking care of itself, naturally.            

To promote FLOW (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) – as stagnancy is the enemy. 

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