Through the Sister Circle of Strength Program, we provide those affected by Gynecologic Cancer with Chemo Care Kit, financial assistance to those in need, and other support. Females who have been diagnosed with HPV and PCOS have a place to now call home. ©

Individually unique. Together complete.

  Individually Unique. Together Complete.

You are not alone!  Stigma is shame. Shame causes silence. Silence hurts us all.                    

The Power of Positive Sisterhood   

Positive sisterhood matters

Positive sisterhood matters

Sister Circle of Strength (SCOS) is designed for you to have an authentic life changing encounter within a positive sisterhood bond. By creating a support system the SCOS fosters solidarity, leadership, and encouragement. Sisterhood in itself is a process of creating and redefining the boundaries of how we are allowed to love, support, and communicate with other females in a sacred space.
  • Circles have been and are still a transformative space of resistance and liberation.
  • When we enter a circle it allows us to acknowledge others experiences, struggles, and resilience.
It’s Kindah™ desire to continue impacting females  throughout Florida and those abroad. Those who are experiencing gynecological issues should have a place to go local or online, where they’re not judged, a nonjudgmental environment through love. 
The circle discussions serve not as a means of counseling or advising, but as an opportunity for sisters like us to break their silence and share their experiences, survival so others can heal. Circles are a safe space for those who believe in transformations as a means to healing. Early detection matters.

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“Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.”  ―Nellie L. McClung