Kindah Foundation believes that healing begins within “Mind, Body & Soul, that one physical, emotional and mental well-being work together. 

Holistic HealthHealing Thyself Naturally – A Holistic Approach. Balancing the mind, balancing the soul and balancing the body are the basis for living a well-balanced life. Therefore, it is the ambition of Kindah™ Foundation to help female heal by teaching women and girls about the importance of healthy decisions. Kindah Foundation partner with local Holistic Health & Wellness practitioner instructor to offer holistic health education and yoga to our female community.

To begin healing thyself holistically includes at least the following eight factors:

  • Proper nutrition and clean water
  • Detoxification
  • Immune building
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Natural chemotherapies
  • Lifestyle changes: adequate sleep, sunlight & exercise
  • A positive attitude
  • Spiritual cleansing

Image result for wellness spaJump Start Your Own Wellness 

Girl Power Sunset: Yoga on The Beach or The Park: 
Meditation 101
She Is A Vegan 101: Whole Foods Cooking.
Womb Dancing.
My Moon My Womb.

Image result for teal spaHealing herbs and your body.
Nutritional counseling. Natural spa treatment

Massage therapy & organic skincare
Healthy weight & exercise 

How to use essential oil as part of your daily life

  Image result for wellness yoga in tealHow to Eat Organic Without Going Broke 

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