Kindah Foundation is always excited to partner with local, national, and web-base members of the media to provide coverage of our event. Thank you for your interest in covering our Annual Florida Teal 5K Run /Fun Walk and Teal Symposium. Please submit your application: > Press/ Media Registration Form

We do not accept walk-up requests. If you’ve submitted your press application and are wondering about your status, please remember these take up to 2 business days to process from the time your application was completed, which is marked by the date you uploaded your application.

Press and Media Pass – Things to take note of:

Media credentials are reserved for working members of the press only. This includes editors, reporters, bloggers, producers, camera crews, and photographers.

  • Credentials will not be granted to non-editorial media professionals including publishers, general managers, account representatives, sales executives, brand executives and PR/marketing representatives, as well as anyone whose primary purpose for attending Florida TEAL 5K RUN/FUN WALK, and Teal Affair Symposium Event is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media.
  • The form must be completed for each staffer who plans to attend from your outlet. A maximum of two (2) staffers from each media outlet will be allowed.
  • Bloggers: Blogs must reflect current craft brewing and/or related news. New posts must be created on a weekly or more frequent basis. Blog traffic must exceed a minimum of 2,000 unique visits a month.
  • Freelancers & Video Production Companies: Must provide a verifiable letter of assignment from a bona fide media outlet. 
  • In some cases, we may request additional verification about your past work or coverage plans.
  • A history of being registered at previous events including Kindah Foundation events does not guarantee approval.
  • Must have a website, podcast, radio, or TV presence that generates a significant amount of traffic to an audience that is relevant to Kindah Foundation
  • Press MAY be given the opportunity to interview staff members, celebrity and industry guests, and fans – there is no guarantee of availability for any of these.
  • Inappropriate conduct or failure to adhere to convention rules will result in the removal of press passes and you may be asked to leave the event.
  • Backstage access to events and areas of the convention will be granted when possible, however, the Press Pass is not a master key to the building or a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card.
  • Application for a Press Pass is subject to verification of all information provided.
  • You will be notified after your application has been received and reviewed if you have been granted a Press Pass, if you have been placed on a back-up list, or if your credentials have not met our qualification process at this time.
  • If selected, it is expected that you will be promoting the event before the event takes place (minimum 30 days) and that all coverage will be made available to the convention should they request a copy (all materials will reference original source if used in this manner).

NOTE: We typically provide two (2) Press Passes per group/site/station, however, exceptions can (and likely will) be made for very specific circumstances. 

No overnight storage of equipment will be allowed.