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On June 11, 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a memo on allowing cancer patients who are covered by Medicare to receive up to three PET scans when those scans are used to determine treatment strategy for recurrent cancer.  If you need assistance the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance “stands ready to work with patients, providers and CMS on ensuring that women with ovarian cancer have medically appropriate access to PET scans.”


Your Coverage, Your State  Ovarian Cancer National Alliance July 13, 2013

Clinical Trial Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act

Ask Questions about Affordable Care Act

Submit a question to an expert—August 2013 featured topic: The Affordable Care Act.

Kaiser Family Foundation Health Reform Implementation Timeline

The implementation timeline is an interactive tool designed to explain how and when the provisions of the Affordable Care Act will be implemented over the next several years.

Cancer Insurance Checklist

The Cancer Insurance Checklist is designed to help you when shopping for insurance on your state’s Health Insurance Marketplace/Exchange if you have cancer, a history of cancer, or are at risk for cancer.

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