Akyii Parris was born in Trinidad and Tobago, he was an ambassador for the country by promoting the rich culture all over the world, and now he lives in the USA for the past 15 years. From the time he was a teen repairing television set to his current position with Cleveland Clinic, Mr. Parris has been enthusiastic, passionate, and purposeful in his goal of helping others and sharing his acquired knowledge.

From when he was a teenager doing odd jobs, up until his current position at Cleveland Clinic, as a Biomedical Engineer. Mr. Parris has always been enthusiastic about his craft, valuing attention to details and great communicational skills. With an AAS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, and Biomedical Engineering Technology from Houston Community College, TX.

Mr. Parris moved on to acquire real-life experience at Trincity Electrics, St. Luke’s Hospital, Crothall Healthcare Service Group, Mastec, and Baptist Health Hospital, among many other looking to further his studies and expand his horizon, Mr. Parris went on to study IT (Information technology) and earn a bachelor’s degree in the field. Currently, he is a member of the National Association of Professional Field Service Technicians, and the Electrical, Electronics, Medical Equipment & Technology Association.
Like many people who generally enjoy their careers, Mr. Parris nevertheless sometimes wondered if there were something missing–something else he could be doing to contribute to the global improvement and well-being of women and girls.   

“I enjoy helping people; having an impact on individual lives and experiencing the cumulative results of my efforts.”