Why a CIRCLE, we believe:
  • Circles have been and are still a transformative space of hope and liberation.
  • When we enter the Sister Circle of Strenght it allows us to acknowledge others experiences, struggles, and resilience.

Individually unique. Together complete. Whether you were diagnosed with Gynecologic Cancer, HPV or PCOS. The circle discussions serve not as a means of counseling or advising, but as an opportunity for sisters like us, to break the stigma and silence; share their experiences and survival so others can heal.  Circles are a safe nonjudgmental space for those who believe in transformations as a means to organic and holistic healing.  See the current list of available support group in your area.  

Teal“Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood.”
 – Louisa May Alcott




98748 300x233 - SISTER CIRCLE OF STRENGTHTo provide services that help improve the quality of lives of those afflicted by gynecologic cancer and HPV.  Examples are (copayment, prescription assistant, supportive care, and other out-of-pocket health care costs).  To qualify for this program, you will need to complete the application attached.  After signing up a Kindah Survivor Care Kit will be delivered to the hospital or home where the patient receiving care.   We believe no female should face gynecologic cancer alone.  Our Sister Circle of Strenght allows female from all around the world to connect through one common gold, inspiring hope and empowering change.