EDUCATION & PREVENTION 

18204180516 c8dba190f8 b.jpg?zoom=1 - EDUCATION & PREVENTIONTeal Teen Project™  is an educational community workshop for young women and teenage girls in high schools, colleges, and universities.  Teal Teen Project™ include a two-part workshop series.

The first workshop focuses on the Epidemic of HPV and its relations to cervical cancer.   During the workshop, female students will participate in lectures, activities, and circle discussions. The goal of this workshop is to have the youth themselves modify behaviors that can increase their risk of HPV acquisition and transmission.  According to the CDC 4 out 5 females currently have HPV and about 80% of females by age of 50 will have this virus.

Part II  

The second part of the workshop focuses on PCOS & Ovarian Cancer known as the “Silent Killer”.   The workshop focus on early diagnosis of PCOS, the several medical risks associated with PCOS including (insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease).  This workshop is open to anyone who suffers or thinks they may suffer from PCOS or the symptoms of PCOS and want to learn about PCOS. How to deal with PCOS and its symptoms holistically, those looking for alternatives in their healing journey and support. Participants will be encouraged to share their stories and hear from Gynecologist,  Nurses, Holistic Health Practitioners, and hear stories of other women or girls their age living with PCOS.