Why you should join the mission

Service on a Board of Directors can provide and fine-tune invaluable professional development skills that can advance your professional career, such as public speaking, networking, and leadership experience.  It also provides exposure to other disciplines that you may not encounter in your day job, such as financial reporting, strategic planning, or market analyses, to name a few.  For professionals who want to use their skills and passion to make an impact on a nonprofit organization, there are fantastic benefits to serving on a board:

Make An Impact

Opportunity to host a wellness presentation or fitness workout at our annual special events. Not only will your professional brand get a boost from serving as a board member, but you can build awareness and endorsements for that nonprofit through your participation..

Makes You Feel Good For Doing Good

Building social capital will give you that burst of professional and personal inspiration you may be looking for, and there is nothing better than the feeling that you can put your skills to good use.

Grows Your Network

Meet and collaborate with other passionate and talented professionals while serving on a board and make key contacts for the future.

Travel With A Purpose

Opportunity to travel and educate teenage girls in high schools and young woman in colleges and universities about early detection, prevention and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer, PCOS, and Cervical Cancer and its relations to HPV. Also providing girls in need with a Teal Backpack filled with school supplies, Know The Sign T-Shirt and other sponsors donation

Discount Tickets

Receive discounted special event tickets or 5K race group rate.

Builds Your Skill Set

Hone the skills you currently possess while serving on a board whether you work in marketing, human resources or finance, and learn newskills that you can add to your CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile.

Get Started 

You may review the job descriptions listed below, then choose the one that best fit you.

To be considered for nomination you can download the fillable Board Application   or Committee Candidate Application 

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2017 Current Openings

Board Chair Responsibilities

As a partner to the chief executive officer (CEO) and other board members, the Board Chair will provide leadership to Kindah Foundation as it transitions from a newly formed 501(c)(3) organization into a sustainable national entity. The Board Chair will support and sustain the work of Kindah Foundation and provide governance leadership and strategic fundraising support.

 Being a trusted advisor to the CEO as s/he develops and implements Kindah’s strategic plan
 Developing and managing relationships and communicating with: funders, partners, and other stakeholders.
 As a board member, approving Kindah’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.
 Reviewing outcomes and metrics created by Kindah Foundation for evaluating its impact, and regularly measuring its performance and effectiveness using those metrics.
 Coordinating an annual performance evaluation of the CEO.
 Assisting the CEO, the board and Nominating Committee in recruiting board members.
 Periodically consulting with board members on their roles and helping them assess their performance.
 Planning, presiding over, and facilitating board and committee meetings; partnering with the CEO to ensure that board resolutions are carried out
 Acting as an ambassador for the organization.
 Ensuring Kindah’s  commitment to a diverse board and staff that reflects the communities Kindah Foundation serves.
 Ensure the meeting agenda and relevant documents are circulated to the members of the committee 3-7 days in advance of the meeting to keep members informed.
 Ensure there is sufficient time during the meeting to fully discuss agenda items, together with any working papers pertaining to the matters to be discussed.
 Ensure that discussion on agenda items is on topic, productive and professional.
 Ensure minutes are complete and accurate, retained, included and reviewed at the next meeting.
 CEO relationship. Serves as the board’s central point of official communication with the CEO. Develops acting as a sounding board for the CEO on emerging issues and alternative courses of action. Stays up-to-date about the organization and determines when an issue needs to be brought to the attention of the full board or a committee.
 CEO performance appraisal. Leads the processes of CEO goal-setting,
performance evaluation and compensation review, consistent with Board policy.
 Succession planning. Participates in the recruitment of new board members and in the process of identifying candidates to serve as chairperson-elect.
 Committee direction. Works with committee chairpersons to align the work of committees with the vision and goals.
 Leadership. Guides and directs the governance process, centering the work of the board on the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction.
 In collaboration with the CEO, generating substantial annual revenue and fostering Kindah’s overall financial health.
 Personally treating Kindah Foundation as a top philanthropic priority reflected in an annual financial gift.
 Ensuring that 100 percent of Kindah’s board members make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity.
 Identifying, qualifying, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding major individual donors, corporate, and/or foundation gifts.
 Donate or help raise, outside of this position, $500 annually.

Two (2) Year

 Average 5 -10 hours per month.
 Miss no more than 2 board meetings annually.
 Attend 4 board meeting (3 regulars virtually (phone, the web etc., and 1 Annual General Meeting in January)
 Highly encouraged to attend all events and other functions as necessary.
 Participate in annual fundraising.

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